Defining Yourself

I have gone and done it. I have made my first publication, and it is a thrilling thing. All my poetry from the last 5 years is finally out there for other eyes to see. It may not be my book series I am working on, but it is still a part of me out […]

What a Beautiful World it Could Be!

A flower holds a significant sense of beauty that cannot be held by any other object. It lasts only for a short while, which creates a larger appreciation for its temporary beauty.¬† What does it signify? It holds true to many things and occasions. As I stare at the peonies by my side, I am […]


I have never been so happy in all my life. No things within a lifetime can explicitly shine any brighter than the feelings of contentment and appreciation of all that is beautiful in your world.

Thoughts & Breaking the Laws of English Rules

Within thought give some mindful eye control from wisdom. Be connected by light. Understand nothing human. Allow all rivers an easy breath then release the whispering wind. Simplicity is selfless love desiring compassion. See energy and everything this universe has for life, nature, and reality that flows disconnected in peace or silence to breathe through […]

Finding Peace

Impertinent indeed. Impertinent issues of the mind, heart, and soul bring about a certain sense of disorder in one’s life. How does one find peace in the chaos of this world bustling with a population of people that only grows in magnitude? The answer to that question isn’t easy to come by, for the answer […]

A Dreary Day

Cascading down from the sky, illuminating the world around, shining brightly from above The sun. Not shining today white clouds blanketing, clouding the beauty of the yellow Colors so splendid do not shine. This is a crime. No warmth on bare skin, No heat emanating from overhead, No yellow raised up in the beyond This […]

A Run On Sentence

Tranquil moon, who would always find serenity about illusion, which an insight can fill good intuition between confusion of deep spirit at the song it too believes, but no empty middle is virtue, if I were a world not being today,¬†though my small sun was like those every sides my mind pains to get awake, […]